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Rhino 5

Rhinoceros is a free form 3D modeling software developed by Robert McNeel & Associates.

V-Ray 3.4 for Sketchup

V-Ray for Sketchup is a rendering plugin for Sketchup users developed by Chaos Group.

Simlab 3D PDF

Simlab Composer 3D PDF is the best way to share 3D models with other users using PDF.

HandyPROBE Portable CMM

The HandyPROBE™ system is a portable CMM and arm-free probing system that gives you total freedom of movement, allowing for a wide variety of applications.

KeyShot 6

KeyShot™ is a CPU based realtime rendering software developed by Luxion.

3Dconnexion 3D mouse

Streamline the way you work with 3D applications by using a 3D mouse from 3Dconnexion.


Charlyrobot desktop CNC milling machines are ideal for small workshops and educational use.

MaxSHOT 3D - Photogrammetry

MaxSHOT 3D™ is a photogrammetric camera that adds-on more volumetric accuracy and the speed of photogrammetry to Creaform's Handyscan 3D™, HandyPROBE™ and Metrascan™.

V-Ray 3.4 for Rhino

V-Ray 3.4 for Rhino, is rendering plugin for Rhino users developed by Chaos Group.


Orca3D provides marine-specific tools for hull design and fairing, hydrostatics and intact stability.

Handyscan 3D Scanners

The Handyscan 3D, by Creaform is the first self-positioning and only truly portable range of handheld laser scanners. It is versatile, accurate and able to scan large objects.

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