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HandyPROBE - Benefits

The technology, design and capabilities of the HandyPROBE system gives significant benefits to it's end users.

Higher measurement accuracy
The operator can choose to work in Dynamic Referential mode, which allows him to move both the C-Track sensor and the part during the measurement process, without any loss in accuracy or tracking. This feature proves particularly useful in real work environments and shop floors, as it allows data acquisition of hard-to-reach areas and measurement in environments with vibrations.  These can be accomplished even without using rigid set-ups and jigs.

Faster and easier measurement
Handheld, armless device and wireless data transmission process allows the user to move freely around the part. Automatic alignment with optical reflectors allows the operator to probe many identical parts in rapid succession. Lightweight (1 lb), it can be used over extended periods of time without causing musculo-skeletal problems.

Greater, extendable measurement volume
Compared to other portable CMM systems, the HandyPROBE offers a greater basic measurement volume. Plus, this volume can be easily and dynamically extended with minimal loss in accuracy - and without any conventional leapfrog or additional alignment set-up involved. There is no need for the operator to re-align the data after moving the part or the C-Track, which results in less set-up procedures and error accumulation.

Truly portable device
The portability of the HandyPROBE makes it possible to inspect or reverse engineer parts, sub-units or complex assemblies with unequalled precision, mobility and flexibility - no matter where (lab, factory, off-site, etc.).

User friendly
Easy to learn, intuitive system with a very short learning curve.  As it works directly inside most metrology applications, you can work with the HandyPROBE within your current metrology software.  Installation can be done in less than 5 minutes.

Excellent ROI
Yields considerable productivity and money gains in the field of industrial coordinate measurements and controls.

HandyPROBE CMM vs Laser Tracker

Why choose a HandyPROBE Portable CMM over a Laser Tracker?

  • Half the price of a laser tracker
  • Shorter learning curve
  • Greater portability and ergonomics (± 20 lbs lighter)
  • Tolerant to beam cut-off
  • Easier to use than spherical mirror reflectors (SMRs)
  • No annual factory calibration
  • Low maintenance costs (no need to replace SMRs, extensions, etc.)
HandyPROBE vs Articulated Measuring Arm

Why choose a HandyPROBE Portable CMM over a Articulated Measuring Arm?

  • Higher precision in actual conditions (shop floor)
  • Increased ease of operation
  • Low maintenance (no encoders, no mechanical maintenance and wear)
  • No movement limitation (no physical link)
  • Greater portability (± 20 lbs lighter)
  • No annual factory calibration
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